DnH on Paperclipsociety.com's The Guest List Show, 29 March 2012

In the year 2000, vocal group DnH burst onto the music scene with their debut effort, “Drop N Harmony”. The album spawned several notable songs including “My Friend” which was featured in the movie “The Debut”, the timeless love ballad “Because I Love You”, “Baby Go Bye Bye”, “Say That”, and of course the anthem, “Never No Never”.

Since that album, the group has stayed busy, continuing on with other musical endeavors: Dags (aka Darrel Seegmiller) recently released his solo debut, “Nu Ar Det Dags (Now Is The Time)”, leading off with the single “Cherry Blossom”. Sway (aka Sway Penala) followed up a successful run on American Idol with a solo album of his own in 2010, titled “My Story”. The album went on to make #1 on the iTunes charts in Japan, and top 100 in the United States.

Now, reuniting with members Lionel Dumulot and Neomar Aragona, DnH is in the studio preparing new music. Be on the lookout for the next chapter in the group’s storied musical run.

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Image courtesy of Paperclipsociety.com

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