About Glenn Gutierrez

Glenn GutierrezJocelyn Enriquez, Stevie B, M:G and Jaya—all have worked with one familiar name in dance music, Glenn Gutierrez. Other artists from Gutierrez’s discography include Alvendia, Pinay, Heaven, Bernadette, Make Believe, MC Zeus, Korell, Joy Winter (formerly of disco power group Lime), Sandee, Misery Loves Company (now Dropstar), and 12″ remixes for Cynthia. He’s had music featured in television programs Entertainment Tonight, Star Search, Melrose Place, The Queen Latifah Show, MTV’s Road Rules, HBO’s G-String Divas, WCW TNT Monday Nitro, BET’s Arabesque Love Stories, Intimate Betrayal, and films from New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures. In addition to his U.S. success, Gutierrez’s music continues to be popular in Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, the UK, and on the Internet worldwide.

A self-taught producer, writer, engineer, remixer, graphic designer and HTML/Perl programmer, Gutierrez has sold millions of records and won numerous industry awards. He has had several songs on Billboard charts while working with indie label Classified Records from 1994 through 1999, including the #1 Dance Singles Sales position for six weeks straight.

His career began with an opportunity to join Stevie B’s live band as a keyboardist a year after a 1986 high school graduation. The Radio Broadcasting major would choose to put college on hold. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, Gutierrez’s work with Stevie B saw him spending the next four years of his life in Queens NY, Ft. Lauderdale FL, and Hollywood CA. His first taste of studio work was realized at this time and by age 21 Gutierrez had learned to engineer and mixdown, working on various projects and gaining valuable insight that would aid his future work. Gutierrez and Stevie B took separate directions in late 1991, but not before finishing Stevie’s Healing album together, at the request of Richard Griffith, then president of Epic Records.

Exposure to the early works of such pioneers as Kraftwerk, Devo, Depeche Mode and New Order at age 14 led to his experimentation with the blossoming subcultures of Alternative, Techno and House when Gutierrez returned to the Bay Area in 1992. He then pioneered a new dimension of Dance Music which combines the old school Freestyle sound with more extreme computer-generated, synthetic elements.

1993 was the year Glenn Gutierrez met his first star, Jocelyn Enriquez. He produced and co-wrote her debut single “I’ve Been Thinking About You,” which launched San Francisco Bay Area independent label Classified Records into the mainstream. Gutierrez’s display of talent and skill culminated in his work with the dance diva, whose albums Lovely and Jocelyn have his balance of charged energy and message stamped all over it. This is most evident in Jocelyn’s hit singles, “Do You Miss Me” and “A Little Bit of Ecstasy,” both of which Gutierrez wrote and produced.

In 1997, Gutierrez helped kick-start the career of dance artist M:G. Her debut album Make A Little Noise spawned several successful nationwide singles, including “What Do You Remember,” “Think Twice,” and smash hit “Sweet Honesty.” When “Sweet Honesty” was released, the response was so overwhelming at Wild 94.9 in San Francisco, the song appeared in the “Hot Eight at Eight” in just a few days. Within two weeks, it became the most requested song on the station and was #1 on “St. John’s Four Play at Four.” The dance single debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #98 and spent a total of 22 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Dance Maxi-Singles, peaking at #7.

The twenty-first century finds Glenn Gutierrez building a new production company and record label with partners JP Nebres and Matt Villacarte. His first music project under the Planet Hype flag was with established dance singer & songwriter Sharyn Maceren. Meanwhile, Planet Hype is quickly becoming a leader in swift-turnaround independent digital distribution and artist services. We now join this program, already in progress.


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