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In a business dominated by large corporations, where resources often land in the hands of an elite few, Planet Hype sets out to carve its own niche. Motivated by a genuine admiration and respect for the art of making music, co-founders Glenn Gutierrez, JP Nebres and Matt Villacarte have  created an entity which fosters the creative spirit of artists, writers, musicians, and producers. No record execs. Just real music people.

The co-founders, being writers and music producers themselves, took great care in setting up this new enterprise. They draw on many combined years of experience, including major creative roles in the successful period of indie label Classified Records. Planet Hype was formed to create a situation where they would have more say in their own creative destinies. “What success we have as a company is now in our own hands,” according to Matt Villacarte.

“Our goal now is to focus less on the politics of the industry and get back to the basics, the love of music” says JP Nebres. “Simply put, our mission is to make and share good music through the proper channels, worry-free.” Many artists and producers have had their musical careers destroyed by back-breaking contracts and broken promises. Glenn Gutierrez promises that “Artists and producers are in control here. No worrying about ‘I’m signing my life away,’ or ‘who decides this and why?’ We put creativity first.”

Along with that creativity, Planet Hype has positioned itself with the knowledge and business partnerships needed to succeed in this digital age, by expanding and offering digital distribution and content management for other like-minded musicians. Now, independent artists, labels, and producers all over the country are teaming up with Planet Hype to take the business of music into their own hands.

“The advantage we have is experience. We’re armed with the knowledge of how to take an album from recording to manufacturing, and to retail. We’ve learned how to let people know that the album is out there and where they can get it. Then, of course, the music itself does the rest,” says Villacarte.

While the climate of the music industry has changed over the years, Planet Hype has remained with its mission intact – to keep the power of music in the hands of the creative.

Planet Hype, a company created by music people, for music people.


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