Sharine Buchanan feat. Reconciliation Choir "Reconciliation"

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  1. Wave Offering
  2. Reconciled
  3. Jesus, Jesus
  4. The Fear of the Lord
  5. His Name is Jesus
  6. Healing is In His Wings
  7. A New Song

All Words and Music by Sharine J. Buchanan (BMI)
except “His Name is Jesus”, written by Vivian F. McBride (BMI)

Reconciliation Choir Members:

Candice Bereal
Tessa Borbridge
Jamelia Brown
Jhune Clemena
Monroe Howard
Liezl Malinis
Vivian McBride
Jamil O’Quinn
Velma Robinson
LaTisha Wright
Stephanie Wolf-Bravo

Reconciliation Band Members

Stuart Quan: Piano and Keyboards
Bino Lee: Bass
Justin White: Drums
Candace Webb: Additional Keyboards
Stuart Quan: Additional Live Drums

Additional Credits

Elvin Reyes: Recording/Mixing Engineer
Les Lee: Live Sound
Glenn Gutierrez: Mastering
Sharine Buchanan: Producer
Stuart Quan: Musical Director
Evangelist Samuel Brooks: Spiritual Advisor

Distributed digitally by Planet Hype

© 2000 Sharine Buchanan

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