macOS Catalina - Apple Music - iTunes Store

At WWDC, Apple announced that iTunes is becoming three separate apps this Fall – Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. All of your favorite iTunes features, including the iTunes Store, will be available in these three new and more focused apps designed for macOS Catalina.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Music that you’ve imported or purchased will be in the new Apple Music app.
  • Music playlists and smart playlists that you’ve created in iTunes will be in the new Apple Music app.
  • The iTunes Store will still be available to buy music on Mac, iOS, PC, and Apple TV.
  • iTunes Gift Cards and iTunes credits will be maintained and can be used with the new apps and the App Store.
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod back-up, restore, and syncing will move to Finder.
  • Movies and TV shows that you purchased or rented from iTunes will be in the new Apple TV app.
  • Use the Apple TV app for Mac for future movies and TV purchases or rentals.
  • Podcasts that you subscribed to or added to iTunes will now be in the new Apple Podcasts app.
  • Audiobooks that you purchased from iTunes will now be in the updated Apple Books app.
  • Use Apple Books for Mac for future audiobook purchases.

You can visit Apple’s support page as an additional resource.

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