He's PleezWelcome to my little slice of the Planet Hype web page. When we discussed getting our site up and running, I thought it would be a cool idea for me to take up a little spot to share my random thoughts as we move forward with our Planet Hype adventure. Fortunately my partners JP and Glenn agreed. Maybe they think that if I get most of my thoughts out in this column, they won’t have to listen to my ramblings in our meetings. Not a bad idea fellas. I doubt it’s going to work though.

So what’s this column going to be about? Well, most of what I write here will probably have much to do with my experiences as we ramp up Planet Hype. But of course, it won’t be limited to that, especially since baseball season’s started and my A’s are already playing some good ball. Maybe I’ll talk about some of my experiences as a DJ as well. We’ll see. I’m leaving it wide open. Whatever comes to mind. I suppose you can consider it a sort of journal.

The Pinay album project has finally been completed. Now the long drawn out process of manufacturing and retail solicitation begins. Not to mention the promotion, and the sleepless nights thinking about whether the radio stations are going to play the music. But you know what? Regardless, I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished with this new album. The ladies have worked hard and they have endured a lot of frustration with this business of music. We all have. I’m glad we were all able to roll with the punches and get back to what this is all about in the first place. The music. I’m sure that at the very least, there is one song on this album that will truly move someone in some way. Yes, there will be people with their different opinions about the album, but that’s what music is about. It impacts different people in different ways. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that more folks end up on the positive side.

I had a lot of fun working on the Pinay album. Originally, I wasn’t even planning on producing. I had a few songs written that I wanted to throw in the mix that I originally wanted JP or Glenn to produce. But when I mentioned that idea to them, well, let’s just say it was met with resounding resistance. To paraphrase as best as possible, the words that came out of their mouths were, “you ain’t getting off that easy, you do it yourself”. That’s minus the expletives mind you. It felt good that two of the most talented producer/songwriters I know had that much confidence in me. But honestly I felt a great deal of pressure to come through. I did my best to bring the songs I worked on to life. I hope I did some good.

Thankfully, I was working with Pinay, the most creative and dynamic performers I’ve ever come across and I had a lot of moral (and of course technical) support from my partners. Since I’m in a thankful mood right now, I want to send some props out to Arne “Phishbone” Lucas (who I co-wrote with), Kit Madrid (guitarist/bassist extraordinaire), Traxamillion of Ace High for providing his rhymes, Roehl Pagala and Elvin Reyes for lending their mix engineering expertise, and my girlfriend Charlene Tabasa for enduring my seemingly endless hours spent working on this project. Being with a music man is crazy. I don’t know how you do it! There are probably more thanks in order but I don’t want to get out of hand here. So if you know I owe you one, you know wassup! Thanks.

So there are a lot of things to look forward to as far as Planet Hype goes. We’re going to have a very busy summer with 3 full-length projects coming out. We’re kicking off with Pinay on June 11, followed by Ace High and then Sharyn Maceren. I’m excited. It’s a lot of hard work for me. It’s very taxing since I’ve recently picked up a day job to help take care of some of the costs of starting this company and of course to help pay for my personal bills. Speaking of taxes, aren’t taxes due on Monday? Uh-oh. Gotta go. Until next time…

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